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Magazines & Newsletters

Colourplan print and distribute magazines throughout East Anglia on a monthly basis, and we deliver to 300 standard outlets, with the opportunity to extend that range to suit your requirements. Entertainment is our speciality, reaching theatres and music venues, council and tourist centres, and the Grapevine is ideal for advertising and sponsorships.

Specialised Music Monthly

Professional pdf artwork allows this monthly A5 entertainment magazine to run very smoothly, using the same material as several of our monthlies. This format is a standard for the entertainment industry and our factory incorporates incoming publications with our own for distribution.

A Gentle Launch for New Publications

Digital printing allows a gentle launch for new publications, as well as offering a very high standard of printing quality.

Castle & Key is a new publication for the Ipswich Regiment, which is for a very specific audience. We print 200 copies digitally and the small publishers are working hard on developing the readership to its extent. Our digital press has a wide range of colour parameters, which is useful when printing very old photographs.

Term Time Places-to-Go

A Pocket Guide means A6 size, and this is another standard size for Colourplan’s finishing department. The Student Guide has many versions by region, mixing advertising and articles in different extents to a minimal turn-round at the start of each term. We are also able to print the cover on a heavyweight material which makes it sturdier for it’s place in the pocket.