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Posters & Leaflets

Event promotion and product display – there are many ways to inform the public, but people still like to see posters and read leaflets.

Colourplan produce posters and leaflets digitally, wide-format and litho, covering all the sizes in various quantities.

Getting All the Audience

Promoting music tours at a regional level means that posters and leaflets hit most of the audience local to the venue. Movers and Shakers order posters in their hundreds, taking delivery in a couple of days, with a few thousand leaflets. Of course, the advertising in The Grapevine gets the rest of the audience.

High Quality Promotion

An event of entertainment at a prestigious venue needs promotion to suit. Good design and four-colour print onto premium uncoated stock is first choice in this case.

Equally, product promotion of expensive items is necessary, even for small amounts at exclusive exhibitions. Colourplan’s digital press can match materials used by our litho presses to give the equivalent look and feel.

Unusual Course Brochure

People notice things that are unusual, but it is difficult to think of new print formats. Otley College chose an option from their designers to promote 16 courses using A2 leaflets that could also be pinned to the wall. That gave them the opportunity to display dramatic photographs at their best.