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Stationery & Calendars

Company brands are as important as ever, and the logo on your stationery and promotions are often the first time your new client sees your name. Promotions need careful consideration, and the traditional ones are so often the best.

The 2010 Desk Calendar

We print this on heaven42, which has a vibrant white colour, brilliant for presenting your products at the highest quality in your promotional sales material. Heaven42 has a soft matt finish, coming in a range of weights from 115gsm to 350gsm, and is FSC accredited to support our environment.

As Long as it’s Black

Printing in full colour is thought by clients to be difficult, but printing in black can be more challenging for the printer. This clever design for RichWords, a copywriter, meant we had to take care on the press with solid coverage and fine type. We also had to ensure the ink was suitable for subsequent laser printing.

A Year on the Stage

The New Wolsey had responsibilities to so many people to reach high quality standards for the 2010 Calendar, choosing Colourplan as a reliable supplier to achieve their aims. The spread for a calendar month was 600mm high, demanding layout issues for successful finishing, and the sign off for the artwork demanded careful proofing until press-time.